Do playing the piano more fun.

Take a break from your practicing for some piano fun! Kids, and adults too, love to play games.

There are some great places on line to learn some music and have fun at the same time! And, by the way...

I'd love your ideas to add to the piano fun! Send me piano games, piano websites, or other fun stuff and we'll make this page even better!

Now, bring on the fun!

Piano Fun Piano Clip Art

Need some music or piano clip art for your music crafts or website? I've done the searching - believe me!

Clip art sites can be so confusing. Save yourself the trouble and check out these three sites for some good piano clip art.

Free Music Clipart and Graphics.  A nice little selection of clipart including music symbols, composers, and instruments. Some color, most black and white.

Music Graphics Galore Music clipart in every color and combination you could dream up. There's animated clipart, too.

Discovery School Music Clipart A small selection of instrument and composer clipart.

Nora, the Piano Playing Cat

If you haven't seen the videos of Nora, the Piano Cat, you're missing out!

Get ready for extreme musical cuteness! ;-)

Billy Joel - The Piano Man

Billy Joel's piano playing brought the piano into pop music. Piano Man is a legendary song -- and, as you'll find out, much longer than the version you usually hear on the radio!

Piano Forums

How about interacting with other piano players of all levels, learning lots, and making new friends?

That's what piano forums are all about! And I've picked the cream of the crop for you!

Free Online Piano Games I Love

I love the internet! There are some great music game sites out there now. I admit, even I have gotten sucked in to some of these online music games. Prepare yourself to lose track of time! :-) Great piano fun!

Note: these are games that require flash or other browser plug-ins to run properly. The sites all have a "how to" or "help" to get you what you need to play.

BBC Online Music Games These are so much fun! By far my favorite online music games.

There are 15 games to choose from. Picking a favorite is impossible, but I do love the completely addictive Composer (top row) and Drones (bottom row). Some are strange, some are funny, all are really cool.

Dallas Symphony Kids - Online Music Room Everything in this music room is clickable (even the light switch!) :-)

There are tons of things to do in the music room. Click on the computer for cool online music games! Click on the drawers of the file cabinet for cool stuff you can do at home - like make your own instruments!

You can hear music, read about composers, and explore all kinds of musical goodies.

Classics For Kids Classics For Kids is a radio show. This is a fun, interactive, colorful site with four neat music games:

  • Composer Time Machine
  • Note Name Game
  • Compose Your Own Music
  • Be a Rockin' Rhythm Master

Aside from the games, you can listen to the shows online! You can also explore the Musical Dictionary (with sound files) and Instruments of the Orchestra. A great site for musical fun and education!

Piano Quotes

The right quote can bring a smile to your face... and motivate your practice!

The piano is able to communicate the subtlest universal truths by means of wood, metal and vibrating air. ~Kenneth Miller

Visit the piano quotes page to find more fun and inspiring music and piano quotes!

I'll be adding more and more to the piano fun page as I find great resources to share.

Always include some fun in your day! :-)

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