Find the Best Piano Bench for You!

There are so many piano bench options and stools out there...

... from antique to modern, small to large, plain to ornate.

Finding the right piano bench for you will depend on your piano (or keyboard), your usage, your home, and your personal preference.

The most important factor in choosing a great bench? Quality.

I used to teach in a piano store, and one adult student had a particular favorite used piano that she liked to play.

One day, as she sat playing, the bench (which was not original to the piano) gave out -- and she fell to the floor! Can you imagine? Lesson learned: cheap benches aren't a good idea!

Piano benches can be found in every price range, from economy ($100 - $250) to mid-range ($250 - $300) to top of the line ($300 and up). My advice? Look at your piano bench purchase as an item of furniture that you want to be able to pass on to future generations.

You don't have to buy luxury, but save economy for paper towels and laundry detergent! :-)

The right piano bench for you

Who plays piano in your house?

If you're a parent with a growing child who loves to play piano, then an adjustable bench might be the right choice for you.

Adjustable benches are so much more comfortable than sitting on telephone books!

This type of bench is often called an artist bench.

If you're an adult, a standard bench may work well for you. However, if you happen to be under 5' 6" or so, you might also consider an adjustable bench.

I find that many smaller adults can use an extra inch or two to stay well-aligned with the piano.

For an excellent article on sitting comfortably at the piano, click here.

Vendors offer plain wood benches and ones that come upholstered with padding (most adjustable benches are padded, as in the picture above). You can buy piano cushions (check out this gorgeous "Keyboard and Roses" cushion) and pads for plain wood benches, or make your own!

Also, decide whether you want a bench that has music book storage inside. Many benches have hinged lids, and some even have drawers to hold music. Not that you can fit all that much inside, but it's a nice feature!

What's your style?

First, look at the style of your piano so that you can find a complimentary bench.

Do you have a modern, sleek, shiny black baby grand piano?

Maybe you've got a console piano or a keyboard. Or an antique upright?

Next, look at the style of your piano practice room:

  • Cozy?
  • Minimalist?
  • Funky?
  • Full of antiques?

Yes, your piano bench needs to suit the players who will be using it, but it can also compliment the room and look nice when you're not sitting on it!

Another alternative is a lovely piano stool.

Piano stools are very adjustable in height, easily moved, and are great for impromptu duets!

And kids just love to spin on them! :-) So you can consider a piano stool alternative entertainment!

Piano BenchesMeasurements and Dimensions

The standard, average measurements are:

  • 14 inches wide
  • 30 inches long
  • 20 inches high

Some retailers offer specialty heights, such as 22 inches.

Duet (longer) benches are also available, with standard lengths of 35 inches. They are terrific for families -- you can play with your kids, and they can play piano with each other!

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