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Yes, you can learn music theory online!

An online music theory class will help you learn to read music online, and you can start today!

The internet is a great place -- so much information available, for free!

But with all the good information out there, there's also bad information.

I've put together some of the best online theory resources to help you navigate through all the sites out there.

Just these three resources will give you really solid music theory (and history) training to help you learn to play piano.

Music Theory OnlineMy Top 3 Sites

#1: Ricci Adams'

A terrific, interactive online theory course, has a huge range of interactive lessons to choose from. You'll start right at the beginning with learning the music staff, note values, and all the basics.

You'll learn about major and minor scales, intervals, chords, chord progressions, and even do several levels of musical analysis.

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To test your knowledge, this site has a great section called Trainers.

These well-done music theory games will help you learn notes, intervals, key signatures, and chords!

Plus there are trainers for keyboard, guitar, and bass, and even ear training for intervals, scales, and chords. Good stuff!

Definitely my top recommendation for learning music theory online.

#2: G Major Music Theory

I love this workbook -- it's amazing that it's free. Free Music Theory Workbook from G Major Music Theory, by Dilbert DeBenedetti.

It's not interactive as the above site is, but it's a complete theory course that's downloadable (done in PDF format.)

And it really is a workbook -- each chapter teaches a musical concept along with exercises for you to do to cement your knowledge.

Two thumbs up!

#3: Music Theory and History Online

Music Theory and History Online, by Dr. Brian Blood, is another great, free theory resource.

What I like about this course is that it's extensive, often citing other websites for even more thorough or detailed information.

The site itself is simple, nothing gimmicky or flashing, and there are musical examples for you to listen to as you learn.

As the title suggests, you can also learn music history. Why?

Understanding the history of music is foundational to understand why our western music sounds the way it does, and why we notate music the way we do. It's part of the big picture of music theory.

Music Theory Online - Go Get Started!

So, what are you waiting for? :-)

Start learning! You'll be glad you did.

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