Music Theory Games. Make Learning Piano Fun!

Music theory games are for everyone - young and old(er) alike! :-) Do you:

Want help practicing notes, chords, and key signatures?

Want ear training (listening) activities?

Want some quizzes to help you learn at home?

Just want some piano fun?

Learning theory doesn't have to be dull or flat, just reading and writing.

Thanks to the internet, fun music games are only a few clicks away!

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Music Theory Games Big Fun!

These great games are suitable for older kids and adults alike.

I was already a fan of before the Trainers (games) section was added to the free lessons.

Now I'm an even bigger fan! This is a great selection of online theory games.

You can choose from Trainers for: note names, keys signatures, intervals, and triads, and piano keys. All are well-written, full-screen games. They are simple in layout, and easy to control. They load up quickly, too!

You can also work on your ear training -- learning sounds. You can choose from intervals, scales and chords. I think these are particularly great.

Some of those chords are even tough for me! :-)

Although eMusicTheory charges a subscription to access theory lessons, the practice games are free - and there's a lot to choose from!

Games include: note names (a variety of games here), piano keys, key signatures, intervals, rhythm performance, rhythm dictation, scales, and chords. You can choose different clefs for many of the games!

What's also great about these music theory games is that many of them (note names, for instance) have a games that are not timed, so you can take your time learning -- and then move on to timed games, to test your speed!

We all want to get better and faster at reading notes and intervals, right? :-)

The only slight downside is the games are a bit slow to load, and the game window is on the smaller side. But the games are worth the wait!

Music Theory Games --Games for Kids

I really like the games at ClassicsForKids.

There's four to pick from. The one that will help kids learn notes is the Note Name Game. This fun little game has kids click and drag the correct letter names below the staff to spell words. Very fun!

The Compose Your Own Music game lets kids drag and drop notes onto a staff and then hear their compositions. What's great is kids are learning about the beats in each note, and how many beats are in a measure -- since the game only lets you put 4 beats in each measure!

More games?

If you'd like more fun, interactive music games, head on over to the piano fun page!

Have fun playing (and learning)!

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