Where to Find Printable Free Sheet Beginner Piano Music for Kids

Fun, free piano sheet music for kids

Searching for free kids piano music? Good music really is out there.

Whether you're a parent or a piano teacher, I've found some great sites for free piano sheet music for kids that you can use! Printable, fun, interesting music.

I know searching online for kids piano music can be exhausting... and, sometimes, not very family-friendly!

The sites I'll share are all safe for surfing by your whole family, and have high-quality piano sheet music for kids.

Hooray! Let's play some piano!

Free Kids Piano Music

Easy Sheet Music

My all-time favorite site for free, easy sheet music is www.EasySheetMusic.com.

This site has a terrific selection of free kids piano music in the following categories:

  • Songs from Around the World
  • Popular Classics
  • Boogie & Blues
  • Opera Classics, and
  • Mission - Not That Difficult

I love the variety and quality of the music at Easy Sheet Music. The songs are in high-quality PDF files, perfectly suitable for printing and putting in a nice 3-ring binder. They have clever, graphical titles that are fun for kids to look at.

I like this music enough that I've even thought of having it bound, at my local copy center, into a book that I could use for sight-reading with my students!

Note: Easy Sheet Music requests that you only download 3 songs per day, or subscribe to the site for $15 per year. I think the price is a bargain, considering the high quality of the music. If you want to have all the music right away, do consider subscribing.

Music for Music Teachers

A recently-discovered site for me, Music-for-Music-Teachers.com has music for piano, voice, and guitar.

This friendly and easy to navigate free sheet music site has printable piano music, free vocal sheet music, and guitar tabs for beginners. Well-loved music of many genres, which has proven its worth pedagogically.

Each page of music is accompanied by advice on how best to use it in lessons, and tricky spots to watch out for! One of the nice things about this website is that the music is shown right there on the page, so you can judge its suitability for you or your students, and you can look at each page of the music before hitting the download button.

In addition, most pages feature a video showing a performance or recording of the piece so you can get an idea of what it sounds like (if you don't know it) or just enjoy good music enthusiastically performed by other musicians!

Music for Music Teachers already has a great collection of music, and is growing month by month. Go take a look!

G Major Music Theory

I'm a big fan of www.gmajormusictheory.org and the free kids piano music there.

The author, Gilbert DeBenedetti, has a large selection of music nicely graded from First Pieces (total beginner) to Level 4 (full, easy-level pieces from classical composers). Even better, he has an excellent, completely free music theory workbook to use as you learn to play music.

When I say excellent, I mean excellent! All in PDF format, starting from no music theory knowledge, so even a complete beginner can use it.

The songs in the First Pieces section even have a small keyboard picture to tell you where to place your fingers on the keys!

There are also midi (sound) files of all the songs. I really appreciate this feature, because listening is so important to learning music!

Be sure not to miss the wonderful message at the bottom of the page!


The collection of tunes at www.easybyte.org/ is extensive (126 songs!), including classical, spiritual, folk, holiday, and international songs. I'm impressed by the range of music!

I also like the fact that the arranger, William Wallace, has included some lesser-known and very interesting classical and international pieces. Beginner piano players so often get stuck playing the same pieces from the same books!

This site also has midi files so that you can hear the arrangements. A very good thing -- take advantage of the sound files and use them often as you are learning!

My only slight disappointment with this site is that each page of every song is a separate link, opening a new web page to be printed. I would much prefer easily-downloadable PDF files, but I suspect this site was started before PDF was the standard for file downloads.

Sheet Music 1 Children's Songs

You'll find a small selection of free kids piano music at www.sheetmusic1.com. This is a tiny group of songs, four in all:

  • Bingo
  • Old MacDonald
  • When the Saints Go Marching In
  • Ten Little Fingers

But, small as it is, what's cool about this little collection is that each song has two correlating worksheets: one to practice note names and one to practice finger numbers.

Great for doing piano lessons at home with your kids!

The song and it's worksheets are downloaded together in one PDF file. Simple!

Note: Use the "download" links. The "view" links are previews, not print quality.

Want more free sheet music?

If you or your child are further along in your piano journey, and are interested in more music of all levels (easy through advanced), do visit my free sheet music pages. I've shared my favorite online destinations for great music!

If you've tried out some free music and think you might be interested in pursuing piano lessons, I've also written about lessons for kids and adults.

For some great ways to make piano fun for kids, check out piano fun and kids piano software (Piano Wizard - which I highly recommend!!)

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