How to Play the Piano? Free Piano Tutorials


Learning to Play the Piano

The piano was once considered as a must have accessory. It was the only source of entertainment for individual or for family then. The importance of piano in our life has not changed. It still gives us the same enjoyment when we listen to a good song played on piano. You can even think of composing your own music if you can play piano. How to play the piano? What are the requirements for learning to play a piano?

Actually, anybody who is a music lover and dedicated towards taking piano lessons, can easily learn how to play the piano. You need to challenge yourself in the process of learning piano. So, there is no limitation on who can take piano lessons and the best way to learn to play the piano is just go for it.

Availability of Time for Playing Piano

If you are thinking of learning to play piano, make sure that you will practice minimum thirty minutes every day. If you cannot devote time to practice on piano daily, then it is useless to spend on buying the piano and books or learn to play piano. You may find that the initial process of learning to play piano is quite difficult. You will, therefore, need to do lot of efforts for first few weeks. You also need to care that your piano practice does not disturb your family members. You will have to select the time slot which suits to your other family members. The same applies to your neighbors. You need to consider the time which will not disturb your neighbors, especially when you have the paper thin walls.

Buying a Piano

Buying piano is an expensive affair. If you want an economical option in the initial learning process, then you can go for an electronic keyboard. Keyboards are comparatively cheaper option and excellent way for practicing piano lessons. Once you think that you have done enough of practice and should go for piano, then you can buy an acoustic piano that would suit best to your requirements.

Getting Piano Lessons

How long does it take to learn piano? Well, it depends on you and also on the tutor you select. You can select your piano tutor from referring the classifieds or take help of your friends. It is better to go for a piano teacher in your own locality so as to avoid wasting time in traveling. You can also ask other piano students and based on the feedback, select a good tutor for yourself. If you do a prior survey, then you can find schools that offer subsidized piano lessons. If you want to learn piano by yourself, then you can also choose the option of online piano lessons. Our website provides free online piano lessons about how to play various popular songs on the piano. Piano Lesson videos provided by this website will certainly make your piano learning an easier process. However, when you take your own lessons, you will have to focus on how to read piano music. You can learn online how to play piano songs as well as how to play keyboard. The only thing is that you will have to practice with great dedication.

Practicing the Piano

While practicing your piano lessons, you have to take necessary precautions. Your sitting position should be correct. Body and hand posture play an important role in piano lessons. Your wrists must be loose and hands should be flexible. When you want to move your hand, you should move your wrist rather than moving your elbows. You need to keep your fingers at natural curve so as to give more power to your key strokes. Practicing a lot is the key to learn how to play the Piano. Daily practice of thirty minutes is a good exercise for your fingers too. You can take a short break in your practice of one or two days. However, take care that your fingers do not get rusted by a long absence from your practice. If you do not have an instrument, borrow it for practice. Practicing on digital device is also a good option.

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