Create A Piano Practice Room

Is your piano practice room one of the messiest in the house?

Is your piano practice room one of the messiest in the house?

Does it double as the junk room?   :-) 

Do you have to move piles of stuff off of the piano bench in order to sit down?

You need a piano practice room makeover!

I know that some people say they are able to focus and work in the midst of a mess. And I know people who function that way every day. But we're talking about creativity here. Creating music. And being inspired!

As human beings, we are affected by our environments. Huge corporations use design and color to boost productivity in employees. Spas decorate and design to evoke instant calm. We even choose our clothes according to what pleases our senses. Why not support your piano playing and learning with all of your senses?

Create a piano practice room that makes you happy every time you walk in. What if your piano practice room is just a corner of the dining room - the only place the piano fits? That's OK. You can still create a space that you love, that inspires you.

Piano Practice Room - Get Started

First, I'm sorry to tell you, you need to clean!

Give it a good, thorough, top-to-bottom cleaning. Get rid of anything that doesn't belong. Sort and store what does. Clean the carpets and the windows. Dust - especially the piano. Make it a weekend project!

OK – once everything is sparkling… :-)

Think about the walls and floors.

Have you never gotten around to painting this room? Or has it been 20 years since you've thought about it? Has that carpet seen better days?

What inspires you, or motivates you? You're creating an environment. Do you want to feel serene and peaceful in your piano practice room, or do you want to feel energized? Here are some ideas to think about:

  • Piano Spa: pale greens & white, plants, lots of open space, a big cozy chair for reading. A water fountain (not on the piano, please!), river rocks, or a collection of twigs. A sisal rug. A yoga mat and new age piano CDs for stretching and relaxing.
  • Creativity Central: vibrant red walls, art deco piano posters, strings of white Christmas lights, and a modern geometric rug. Good jazz piano CDs, and old instruments from pawn shops mounted on the walls.
  • The Salon: Antique furniture, victorian lamps, and a small table for your tea. An antique sheet music cabinet, an oriental rug, and plenty of classical piano CDs to set the mood.

Piano Practice Room Accessorize

Use the walls! Piano practice rooms can become galleries of images and decorations that delight and inspire you. Music is such a popular theme in art and home decor!

Find some piano art or piano posters to liven up the walls. Choose several and make a grouping, or one large, striking piece. It should bring a smile to your face every time you see it!

Old sheet music, found at garage sales or antique shops, makes wonderful wall art in a simple frame.

Piano quotes, printed and framed, also make inspiring art. Even better if you have great handwriting or know calligraphy (or have a friend who does).

Use the piano! I have several things I keep on my piano for practice time.

The first is good lighting. You need a piano lamp. Trust me on this. Even in well-lit rooms, your eyes are trying to focus on music which is further away than most reading you do.

A piano lamp can be as simple as a flexible-neck lamp from the office supply store - but you don't want to use a normal lamp. You want something that points the light down onto your music.

Next are practice accessories. I have a small basket which holds a couple pencils, a good eraser, my metronome, a pad of sticky notes, and some peppermints. :-) You want to be able to make and erase notes on your music! Really! Professionals do this!

A good metronome can be a fun tool to use in your practice. I know - for a lot of people a metronome is like some kind of torture device. But you can make it fun! (Try using it the opposite of how you used to: see how slowly you can set it and play. It's hilarious!)

I like to have a piano bench cushion, too. Practice can be hard work - you might as well be comfy!

Piano Practice Room - Make It Your Own

Finally, add elements that just plain make you feel good.

Family pictures. A goldfish. Your favorite basket with a beautiful plant. You get the idea. This is your piano practice room - or your piano corner. Use every bit of it to motivate you to learn and play more!


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