All About Piano Lamps

The right piano lamps really does make practicing easier and more effective.

The truth is that normal room lighting usually isn't good enough for playing piano.

Overhead lighting is diffused and general, which isn't bright enough for specialized work. It can also can cast shadows that can make reading piano music difficult.

Lamps for pianos are specialized task lighting. Although you may have a lamp next to your piano, or even a table lamp on top of your piano, it's still not providing the lighting you need.

There are plenty of options for wonderful lights that will compliment your room and your piano!

So what is a piano lamp?

Piano lamps have covered shades that allow the light to point straight down onto your music. They don't light the room - they simply light what you're looking at - sheet music.

The shade design also keeps the light from hitting your eyes. The bulbs in piano lamps are also longer than regular light bulbs, so the the light is spread evenly over your music.

A good piano light is really a must-have item. Save your eyes and decorate your piano at the same time!

Styles of Piano Lamps

You've probably seen traditional lamps like this:

Very stylish! You can find them in a variety of heights and styles. The heavy base of these classic lights keeps them very stable. Standard sizes include 10 inches, 14 inches, and 15 inches wide. The bases can range from simple to ornate. They are perfect if you have a console piano.

Again, notice that the bulb is covered to shine directly down onto the music, while not blinding you. Usually the switch is on the top near the bulb.

You can also find clip-on piano lamps:

These can work for grand pianos, electric keyboards, or organs - anything that has a sturdy upright music rack. You can even find clip-on piano lights that are battery operated, if that's what you want!

Another lamp option for grand pianos:

This style rests to the side of the music, and extends over the top.

The reason grand pianos need a special style of lamp is that with the piano lid open, there is very little wood behind the music rack. A traditional piano light wouldn't fit there.

In a pinch...

Many kinds of flexible desk lamps can do double-duty as piano lamps in a pinch. The small lights aren't optimal (they don't spread the light over your music evenly as piano lamps do), but will get the job done.

Very simple, and very inexpensive. Look for flexible-neck lamps that aren't too tall (you want that light right over the music).

Another drawback to some of these inexpensive lamps is the switches can be on the cord, not on the lamp base. This makes it so that you have to pull up the cord each time to find the switch.

So, if possible, find a lamp with the switch on the base or near the bulb.

The choice of Piano Lamps is yours!

With all the variety out there, you're sure to find a piano lamp that fits both your style and your budget.

While you're shopping, don't forget to pick up a supply of bulbs. There's nothing worse than having a great practice session at 10:00pm and having your bulb burn out!

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