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Piano Forums

Great Online Piano Communities


Ask questions, get answers, make friends, and grow your piano skills at piano forums!

The internet can be great -- information at your fingertips.

The ability to communicate with people all over the world with the click of a mouse!

You can inspire and motivate yourself, learn tons about piano playing, and meet pianists (from professionals to beginners) from everywhere at piano forums.

You have to be careful, though. It's pretty simple nowadays to throw up a message board on your website. If you search for piano forums you'll find quite a few.

But unless the owners are dedicated and actively involved, forums can turn into little more than spam central (and worse).

So I'll share with you my top picks for great web communities dedicated to piano playing. These are well-monitored forums, with good discussions and players of all levels and styles.

Each one of the boards has a different feel and I'm sure you'll soon have your own favorite!

Piano World

piano world forum

The biggest, most active, and friendliest piano forums on the web are at Piano World.

A huge membership means active boards and quick answers to your piano playing questions!

Once you register at Piano World, visit the Adult Beginner's Forum. It's full of adults who are at all stages of learning piano -- from complete beginner to intermediate and beyond. There are also some amazing teachers that regularly post and answer questions.

There are many others, too, to take part in. I post regularly in the adult piano forum and the piano teacher's forum (you'll see me there as PianoTeacherKim). The community is terrific - supportive, encouraging, and fun.

There are even online "recitals" where you can record pieces you're working on -- pretty fun! There are also regional get-togethers to meet other pianists and teachers.

Piano World's forums are by far my favorite; well-moderated, and they are free enough that people can give their opinions (sometimes there are some pretty interesting discussions)!

Piano world is also a terrific site for all kinds of piano information, including teacher and piano service directories, fun stuff, and a piano accessories and music gifts store.


Piano Street

piano street forum

Another excellent piano forum, Piano Street offers forums on performance, repertoire, teaching, instruments, auditions, students, and more.

Piano Street is an amazing site for downloadable classical sheet music and recordings, as well as e-books on learning to play piano. You can join for free and have access to a limited amount of scores, or pay $7 per month and have access to their library of thousands of high-quality PDF files to download instantly.

One of the great things about the downloadable sheet music at Piano Street is that pieces are graded into levels, so you can search the collection by difficulty level to find music that will work for you. There is also an audio mp3 recording so you can listen to your selections before downloading.

They also have a great searchable music dictionary and an interesting blog about the classical piano world.

This is another site with big membership, active discussions, and pianists of all levels.

I post at Piano Street as PianoTeacherKim.

Find YOUR Community

I've taught a lot of adult beginners, and many of them have always wanted to play -- and are finally making piano a priority.

It's exciting and challenging. Yet, they are pretty much alone on the journey. They don't have anyone in their lives to share their enthusiasm or understand why they are taking private lessons (many folks won't even play piano for their spouses!).

Does this sound like you?

If so, I'm challenging you to get connected with some other people who share your passion for piano. Join the Piano World forums and introduce yourself in the Adult Beginner's Forum. Seriously!

You'll get ideas for repertoire, be inspired to practice, and most of all, just know that there are others who are working right alongside you, struggling with the same challenges you are!

Trust me on this. Jump in and see how much it helps!

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