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Free Jazz Piano Lessons Online

Start playing jazz piano today!


Do you love jazz?

Our guide to the best free jazz piano lessons online will get you playing today!

Searching for free piano lessons online... can very quickly find lots of classical piano lessons. They're a great place to start, of course!

But what if you're a jazz lover?

A bit harder to fine, but they're out there. And some of them are so good it's hard to believe they're free.

To round out your online jazz education, I've included couple of sites that will teach you jazz history, introduce you to some of the greatest jazz performers of all time, and even connect you with jazz festivals and events.

Get ready to play some great jazz!

free jazz piano lessons online, jazz band, old time jazz band

Free Jazz Piano Lessons Online

Here's my pick for the best-of-the-best free jazz piano lessons online:

Earl MacDonald's Free Jazz Lessons

Earl MacDonald is an award-winning composer and arranger, performer, recording artist, educator, and the Director of Jazz Studies at the University of Connecticut.

It's not often that master-level performers take the time to produce free video lessons. What a great opportunity to learn how to play jazz piano from such an accomplished teacher!

Although these lessons are not geared for the complete beginner, Earl's friendly and approachable teaching style will draw you in, and his playing will leave you inspired.

If you're an intermediate level classical pianist, these lessons will be the perfect jumping-off point for you. If you find them still a bit above your head, bookmark the page and come back after you've got a little more theory under your belt.

Earl has two recordings of his own for sale as well, which would be wonderful additions to your jazz listening library. Picking up a CD is a great way to support his generosity in providing free lessons, and of course give you some great music to listen to and learn from.

YouTube - Willie Myette

Willie Myette, creator of, is a Berklee College of Music graduate and active performer. He knows his stuff! And he's a really nice guy. I had the opportunity to speak to him a few years back when I was first starting

Willie has tons of free jazz piano lesson videos on YouTube which are a great starting point. He also teaches blues, Latin, and funk piano. By the time you work your way through them, you'll get a great idea of his teaching style, and have learned a lot -- you'll be playing some jazz and hopefully discovering even more styles you love to play!

Once you've gone through the free videos, you can sign up for a free, 7-day trial membership at Make sure you do it on a weekend, or when you have some good time to practice. Again, you can learn quite a lot and get a taste for what is available if you choose to sign up for Willie's online lessons.

Free Jazz Piano Lessons Online

More Great Sites

This next site is just a treasure trove of jazz information.

Check out

This site is HUGE. You'll find all kinds of jazz and blues information here: history, different styles, playing jazz on different instruments, even a cool photography gallery of great jazz musicians.

Lots of theory information here, too. One of my favorite parts is the piano chords & scales page, where you choose your key and your chord or scale and you'll see the correct notes to play on the piano keyboard.

Ever wonder what a C7#5b9 chord is? Well, now you can find out! ;-)

If you're a more advanced musician, you can check out pages on theory & harmony, improvisation, fills and soloing. Learn all about intervals, jazz & blues chords, cadences, turnarounds, transposing, and reharmonizing a melody.

It will take lots of visits for you to learn everything you can from this site. Have fun!

Ready for more free jazz piano lessons online?

This site has a wealth of information and very active message boards so you can interact with other jazz piano players out there. And it's all free!

You'll need to create a free account to access the lessons (check the lower left column, red links) and take part in the forum.

Once you find your way around, you'll find LOTS of great jazz information, including software, book and CD reviews, lessons, a directory of piano teachers, and a big database of web jazz links.

If you're already a musician and just want to know what chords and chord progressions get that "jazz sound," these tutorials might be just the thing you need: Jazz Education

This set of 9 free tutorials covers intervals and triads, major and minor scales (and modes), and a couple of the most common chord progressions in jazz.

The concepts taught are accompanied by examples written on the treble staff, and it's helpful to actually go over the concepts at the keyboard so you're both reading and hearing the concepts.

Now...go play some jazz!

Jazz is expressive, rich, and improvisational. The more you play, the better you'll get. You can get a terrific start from all the free jazz piano lessons online!

Think of it like learning vocabulary words and sentence structure when you were in grade school. Once you understand the words to use and how to put them together, you can express yourself.

Think about it: speaking is improvisation! You do it every day, to communicate what's going on inside your head.

Jazz piano is expressive improvisation as well -- only you're using musical words (chords) and sentences (chord progressions). The more you get your hands on the keyboard and try things out...

...the more fluent you'll become.

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