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Amazing Chord Power System

by TK

What do you think of Paul Neill's Amazing Chord Power system?

Is it worth the price?

Comments for Amazing Chord Power System

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Apr 16, 2011
Paul Neill's Amazing Chord Power System
by: Teacher Kim

Hi TK,

I haven't personally used this course, so I can't comment on the actual instruction presented, how far it takes you into playing, or how well the method is laid out.

It's a bit frustrating, actually, because I've been asked about this course before, and the Amazing Chord Power System website has little to no information. It seems short-sighted, if you're marketing a wonderful piano course, to limit it to only those that can attend your in-person seminars. I agree with what he says on his website about traditional piano methods only working for a tiny percentage of the population, and he may very well have a wonderful method, but there's no way to know.

If you're interested in learning chord method, though, there is a teacher with online courses that I can highly recommend, and that's Duane Shinn. You can go to his website at, sign up for his free newsletter (really good stuff), take a few free lessons to find out his teaching style, and invest in his VERY in-depth courses.

There's no mystery about his courses or his ability as a teacher and performer... it's all there. He's been teaching since the 1960's and has so many courses and books that it will take you quite a few hours to decide which one to start with! :-) Check out the fun "about Duane" page to see lots of pics and read more about his passion for teaching and piano.

Happy practicing!

Aug 31, 2013
Amazing Chord Power System
by: Anonymous

I have purhcased this course, I found the quality is not worth the money, the books are cheap quality (it does not open flat nicely on the piano ledge) and one of the DVD part of it has pounding sounds, like a child kicking the keyboard that Paul (teacher) was using. I would not recommend this course, it's also expensive.
I hope this helps!

Mar 02, 2014
I Took Paul's Course
by: Norm M.

I bought into his course. At the time a piano teacher would have cost the same for about a year.

I start playing piano at age 50. It took me about three months to get through his course. The course may seem short, but in order to sound good you need to practice and practice more.

All you will learn are chords, embellishments and how to use the sustain pedal and be able to read the notes on fake book sheet music. That is good enough if you intend on playing accompaniment music with other musicians, a singer, singers, or you want to sing along. If this is what you want the I think that this a very good program to learn from and well worth the money.

If you are like me and love the sound of classical piano music you will want to either take lessons or get yourself a good piano lessons book.

I bought Alfred's Piano Adult All In One (Level 1). It took me the same amount of time to go through the course as it did with the power chord system. Again it is all about practice and more practice. I spend as much as 1 to 2 hours a day practicing. I am now 55 and have been working on Alfred's Level 2 book for the past year.

I have learned to incorporate some of the power chord system into the music that I learned to play out of Alfred's piano course.

The reason he sells his system through seminars is that it is very difficult to get your credit card reversed when you buy his program. He gives you your lesson books and his CDs. (The CDs are nicely done). The sale is completed. This method is not uncommon - lots of business people use this approach to sell you products, making it difficult to return. Just so you know there is no pressure sales to buy at his seminar.

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